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aboutThe State of Karnataka is a land blessed with many fascinating age-old monuments, world heritage sites, lush green forests, amazing wild life, spectacular waterfalls, timeless temples, fully vibrant with art and culture. Karnataka has carved out a special place in the field of science specially IT and BT and is called the science capital of India. It has taken a major initiative of developing a large number of science centres in the state for creating scientific temper and for enhancing the understanding of science and spreading a culture of science in the state and for benefiting the children. The first Science Centre in this series is the Dharwad Regional Science Centre. This Centre will be handed over to the Govt. of Karnataka for its operation and maintenance on its inauguration by the National Council of Science Museums, an autonomous body under Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.
Dharwad Regional Science Centre is situated in the pristine Karnataka University Campus in Dharwad surrounded by a natural ambience with an aura of academic ambience. This Centre will be an ideal place to engage the young and old alike in creative activities of the science centre and for spreading scientific temper among its visitors. It will provide a fun filled experience in understanding of science to the visitors. 

The Dharwad Regional Science Centre was set up by the National Council of Science Museums, an autonomous body under Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India with active support from Dept. of S & T, Govt. of Karnataka. The Centre through its permanent science exhibitions, Science Park and various yearlong educational programmes is expected to cater to the wide spectrum of audience especially in Northern Karnataka. Govt. of India and Govt. of Karnataka have jointly shared the capital expenditure of Rs.850 lakh incurred in establishing this Centre. Govt. of Karnataka has also been instrumental in providing the land within the premises of Karnataka University, Dharwad free of cost for establishing this project.

Dharwad Regional Science Centre has been established in a built up area of 4000 sq meters. The centre houses a reception area, 3 exhibition galleries namely.

1)    Science & Technology Heritage
2)    Biomachines and 
3)    Fun Science gallery

an inflatable dome planetarium, Science Demonstration Lecture hall, Children Activity Corner, Air-Conditioned auditorium, 3-D Theatre, a library-cum-conference hall, temporary exhibition space and other public facilities.

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