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Astronomy Programmes


Astronomy programmes for the year 2019 - 20

We are happy to announce that we are conducting some special astronomy programmes for school children, teachers and interested general public.

The details are as follows;

Sl. No. Date Topic Timings
1 16.07.2019                              Partial lunar eclipse 1.30 AM – 3.30 AM
2 05.10.2019 Observing Moon Night – About the phases of moon 3.30 PM –6.30 PM
3 11.10 2019 Mercury transit     10.00 AM – 12.Noon
4 26.12.2019 Observing the annular solar eclipse 10.30 AM – 3.30 AM

Special Astronomy work shops

1 22.09.2019 Knowing our altitude – Model of solar clock 11.30 AM – 1.30 AM
2 29.09 2019 From geocentric theory to heliocentric theory 11.30 AM –1.30 AM
3 15.12.2019 Declination and Right Ascension of the celestial body. Observation of sky through telescope 6.00 PM – 9.30 PM
4 22.12.2019 Calendars of different regions, the differences and similarities 11.30 AM – 1.30 PMS



The Government of India has enacted "The Right to Information Act 2005" to set out the practical regime of Right to Information (RTI) for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities to promote transparency and accountability in the working of any public authority.

The particulars of Dharwad Regional Science Centre, functions, and duties. The Dharwad Regional Science Centre functions under the overall direction and control of the Minister, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore. It exercises control in respect of the preparation and implementation of programs and activities, that are useful for the promotion and development of Science Centre. Funds are being received from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka through Karnataka Science & Technology Promotion Society, Bangalore. 

Following are the regulations and contact details :

1) Containing information in respect of 17 items under section 4(1)(b) of the Right to Information Act 2005.

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2) The First Appellate Authority and Public Information Officer

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For more information kindly contact at us : 

Dharwad Regional Science Center Karnatak University Campus,
Pavate Nagar Dharwad-580003
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Phone:(0836)2215377/482/481/483 Fax:(0836)2770290

Hobby Classes

This year Dharwad Regional Science Centre organizing the computer awareness programme in the month of April/May – 2012. The courses include training in basic concepts. The duration of each course will be 2 hours per session for 10 days. The course fees in Rs. 100/- per student. The total numbers of students each batch 10 and 2 batches are to be trained.

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